A Good Story

separated by
all this social media
we have forgotten
how to tell a good story
even if they’re all just lies

In the past couple of days, I reactivated my Facebook account after several months away. Seeing old friends, most of whom I’ve either never met or haven’t seen in many a year, was refreshing. But, I must say, not much has changed as far as posting topics go. The funny folk are still funny, the politically angry are still so.

We are really good as a society at projecting ourselves digitally, but from my perspective, the art of telling a good impromptu story is being lost in many ways. Unless, of course, you are one of the professional spinners of yarns, the tellers of tall tales known as truckers.

If one gets out and has real adventures and experiences, one can reduce the amount of yarn spun to a minimum. Life has a way of being far more adventurous than we think. Like several of my friends say, you just can’t make this shit up.

In my collection of poems entitled Tire Chains & Longing, I haven’t embellished events one bit. In the vernacular of truckers, “Driver, you aren’t gonna believe this, but this one time…” Truth.

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